Flash Fiction: Fake Rose

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PHOTO PROMPT © Rochelle Wisoff-Fields for her Friday Fictioneers

Please note: 100% Fiction!

Mum liked the fake roses. Then again, she preferred everything fake from her men to her boobs. Her smile fake as she politely nodded. Even in the bedroom, her pleasure questionable. Thanks Dad, way too much information. What can I say about my mother? She liked shiny things, they motivated her. Bling her language. No problem too big with the instant magic of cash. Kids didn’t offer her possessions to stay, her husband unable to afford her; the painter, the fireman and the butcher offered a thicker wallet.

The casket rests in the earth open – take your fake flowers Mum.


(100 Words)


  1. Great voice. No illusions here. Did you want to say “to” rather than “with” in the second line?
    The (adult or at least teen, I assume) sounds like he could have used a bit more love and attention from his rather selfish mom. And Dad sounds like no prize, either.

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  2. Wonderfully written, Tannille. The child wished for a mother who cared; can’t blame her for feeling so bitter at her mother’s death. If she felt nothing then, that means she didn’t care either…

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