Flash Fiction: Yesteryear

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PHOTO PROMPT © Jean L. Hays for Rochelle’s Friday Fictioneers

A relic of yesteryear. The old market and deli reduced to housing the ghost of nostalgia. The grandkids will never understand with their technology. In my day, kids hung out after school and hitched up their skirts inside the walls. Flashed innocent glances at each other, signaling our like and sent our most trusted friend over to set up the coupling. None of this hiding behind a screen. Everyone knew everyone and everything, face to face. We’d hide out the back away from adult eyes, let the groping begin while the trusted watched guard.  Those days long gone.

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    1. It is sad, I think the past few generations had more freedom than the new generation at least in terms of doing things without adults. Then in constrast, today people/kids are more free to be who they are.

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  1. I was reading the other day that the rate of pregnancies in young people was plunging – everyone is at home in their own beds fraternising on phones and tabs. Ah well, there’s an upside to technology I guess. Good one.

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  2. Nice eyes -wide -open look at the past. Today’s youth seems hesitant in comparison to this hurtling-forward generation–now they seem to consult a politically- correct- and -culturally -sensitive -ethical-and -cost-benefit- equivalent of Consumer Reports, every time they are forced to make a decision. 😊

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