Flash Fiction: Pet Human

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PHOTO PROMPT © CEAyr for Rochelle’s Friday Fictioneers

My owner, or rather my slave rides a broomstick. Her ape boyfriend rides a bike, and not one of those sexy Harley’s I love to sharpen my claws on. Something about the quality metal and leather that beckons my mark. Still what is mine is mine, what is hers is mine and what is his is mine. With luck, he’ll go to work with my fur on his arse. Call it pussy privilege. But if the prick locks me out of the bedroom again I’ll be peeing on his seat and not a little one either. The last boyfriend hated it.


  1. I too have a black cat – even the whiskers are black – and, yes, this is how he behaves. You’ve captured the voice perfectly. I do hope he pees on the Harley – they’re such posers’ bikes!

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    1. Haha. Pretty sure that’s how he got rid of the last boyfriend. Black cats are beautiful but I am a tad bias! My tortie is more likely to scratch things and have the story cat’s attitude.

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      1. This cat definitely lived in my house,only his anger seemed to stem from being displaced as the center of attention by successive children. After the fourth one, he finally expired, in exasperation. Great voice.

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