Flash Fiction: Haunted Cove

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PHOTO PROMPT © Sandra Crook for Rochelle’s Friday Fictioneers. Other stories featuring the prompt can be found here.


Her heart tried to break through her chest. Could they hear it? Give away her hiding location? She crouched low, willing her frame to be as small as possible. Time slowed down. Every now and then she peeked between the bars. They were coming on the tide. The ship with tatty sails rode alone the waves, arriving closer and close to shore. Mesmerised her pupils locked onto the scene unfolding. Men began jumping into the water, swimming to land. The sun shimmered through their bodies as they pulled their vessel with ropes. She put a hand over mouth, suppressing a scream. A pair of piercing blue eyes located hers through nature’s fence from the beach.


  1. For a moment I was drawn back to a movie… durn but the title escapes me… Girl, boy, shipwrecked on an island. Left open to the imagination, this is a very scary story indeed!

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