Flash Fiction: Barbie’s House

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PHOTO PROMPT © Ceayr for Rochelle’s Friday Fictioneers. Other stories featuring the prompt can be found here.

Barbie lives here. From pink to blue. Every girl needs a change and Ken moving in seemed like the perfect time. Plastic still her material of choice. But if the walls could talk they would tell you life isn’t so fantastic. Barbie’s hair in the sink drives Ken nuts – well it would if he had any. And that is the source of Barbie’s frustration; Ken offers nothing new except for bad hygiene, she might as well stay living with Skipper or Kelly. She needs a man. A real man – He-man. He picks her up and hanky-panky. Alas, he lacks balls too.


      1. Oh yes, I remember that. Early 90s I think (unless I am thinking of My Little Pony or some other toy). They did bring out Barbie’s pooping dog…


  1. Poor old Ken. He’s no action man but he’s been around a long time. Sometimes, fame leads to dissatisfaction and what was once an adventure, becomes nothing more than tedium. He sounds more like a puppy dog.

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