Flash Fiction: The Midnight Game

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PHOTO PROMPT © Randy Mazie for Rochelle’s Friday Fictioneers. Other stories featuring the prompt can be found here.

Fun Note:
This story brings back memories of my very first unfinished novel (inspired by a short story I wrote as a teen). Thinking my muse is nagging me to look at old projects! However, The Midnight Game is a supernatural game I recently stumbled upon surfing the internet as a game some play – move over Bloody Mary. 


It seemed like a good idea. All the kids were doing it. Sneak out at night. No parents to know. The derelict building, our playhouse. Safety in numbers the adults promoted. A fallacy.

A dozen of us rock up to play The Midnight Game. Just some fun to post on YouTube.  We wrote our names, signed with blood and on the stroke of midnight knocked on our doors inviting The Midnight Man to come.

Wandering the building, guided by candle…
The air grows frigid…
The flame blows out…
Inhuman heavy breathing from behind…
Paralysed, the heart stops beating…

Game over.


  1. Tannille, this was very well done. It was a scene no doubt many of us could picture from our youth of sneaking out but brought forward into the present day. So creepy and sinister. Yikes!
    I’ll be watching my teenagers more closely from now on.
    Best wishes,

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    1. I’ve heard of a few supernatural games over the years but this one creeped the most when I recently found it online. Oh my, today’s teens are much more extreme than in my day.

      It’s great for fiction, my muse loves it 😈.

      Thanks R!

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  2. Your descriptions brought us right in there with them…Fools…
    I just don’t get today’s teens and their need to do stupid things. We were stupid but way not that much! Or, I wasn’t…

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      1. yes, I do. Some are repeatable, some will come out only after I’m dead. I written many of them through journals since I was about 7 yrs old. It’s all there.

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  3. You took me back to the days of my childhood, pre TV days. On occasions the family sat around inventing scary tales. Fine memories.

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  4. This story is creepy but even scarier to think kids really do this, Tannille. It might not be a supernatural being but could always be a dangerous person. My mother used to say it isn’t dead in a cemetery we need to worry about but the living. —- Suzanne

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