Flash Fiction: The Sulking Muse

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PHOTO PROMPT © Fatima Fakier Deria for Rochelle’s Friday Fictioneers. Other stories featuring the prompt can be found here.

Note: A little different this week. Sometimes we have to work with what we have… or don’t have… The snarky muse is back. She can also be found here.


MUSE: Oh no Tannille, I can’t work with this.

TANNILLE: Why not?

MUSE: It’s too much like last week’s prompt.

TANNILLE: No it is isn’t.

MUSE: Yeah it is. Road, turning corner…

TANNILLE: It’s a city, night, a bloody bus, not a roundabout.

MUSE: Don’t give a shit. You made me watch you shop all Black Friday week. I’m not playing.

TANNILLE: Come on, I’ll let you mug that woman.


TANNILLE: A bomb on the bus?

MUSE: Nice try, Keanu Reeves got in first.

TANNILLE: Now you’re just being difficult!

MUSE: Payback is a bitch.

TANNILLE: Ok back to Christmas shopping…


  1. Now I’m wondering what sort of life would a person have who autonomised her muse as a separate entity. Hearing voices, sure. But, I’m sure there’s so much more that would happen. A whole world of possibility


  2. Muse is only a part of it. Amuse is the full title and if I’m not impressed you begin to sulk. The ancient Greeks had a very different view of the muses. Perhaps that’s why mine has the the sulks too. With wax in my eras, I can’t hear her anyway.

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  3. Dear Tanille,

    Lives there a writer so dead she or he hasn’t had a similar conversation with an obstinate muse? I laughed out loud. Although I’m with the muse on Black Friday. Personally, I went swimming. 😉



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    1. I think to be a fiction writer one has these internal conversations. Perhaps not as colourful as mine lol.

      Your swimming sounds like bliss. Been hot here…

      Thanks Rochelle


  4. T, this was a fabulous way to deal with writer’s block or with a stubborn muse. I think I shall borrow this technique of stream of consciousness next time I sit and stare at a picture that causes me some consternation…
    So good!

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    1. I’m surprised I haven’t been stumped with any of the picture prompts for this group. Key is not to over think it. In my real life writers group I recall times just sitting there frustrated… wish this technique worked for novels lol.

      Thanks D!

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  5. Chortling gales of laughter! Since my Christmas is already done (I don’t have anyone besides my hubby and myself to buy for & we take each other shopping), I can laugh. The closest thing I came to shopping this year was to find a veggie tray for tonight’s potluck. Enjoy!

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