Flash Fiction: 1950s Add-on

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PHOTO PROMPT © J Hardy Carroll for Rochelle’s Friday Fictioneers. Other stories featuring the prompt can be found here.


Update: My Precious is back with a new “logic board” at no cost. Happy, happy, joy, joy. Everything important backed up in Dropbox (only lost a handful of pics, so no tears), however, setting up the MacBook from scratch is a real pain in the arse (I’ve started using Time Machine – just in case – consider it a lesson).


The crowds of the theme park pumped with volume. The historical add-on more civilised… No one cared about the prehistoric times. Zana rode the lift. Pressing buttons, rather old school. The experience quirky.

The doors open and she took a quiet seat. She sighed and snuggled into the synthetic interior. Curious, she pulled a lever. The seat jolted back. Peculiar. She pressed a button on the dashboard. A small glass bottle of coke presented itself, complete with a funny tube thing. The label on the coke called it a straw. The watch on her wrist dinged with her purchase.

Relaxed, she peered through the window – bird’s eye view of the 1950s and beyond. Virtual reality is as good as real.


  1. Straws are already on their way out already.

    That would be amazing. It’s not a stretch to think VR could be that immersive in the near future. I’d love to be able to “visit” ancient Greece or Egypt or recent history like the 1920s, ’50s… Fun story.

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  2. Technology and the internet are a saving grace for this world shut down over the covid-19 pandemic.
    I’ve never tried any VR, but if CGI is any proof, reality itself has become subservient to computers. I movies today, literally, you can’t believe your eyes.

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    1. Even standard video games can be amazing, the brain can focus as if reality doesn’t exist. Agree, the internet makes “lock down” tolerable.

      Thanks G!


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