Flash Fiction: Silver Lining

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PHOTO PROMPT © Jeff Arnold for Rochelle’s Friday Fictioneers. Other stories featuring the prompt can be found here.


Tannille: Damn it, I love rainbows. You’re being difficult…

Muse: Me? I threw Care Bears and My Little Pony at you.

Tannille: Yes and they have copy write. I suggested mythology; Norse, Irish, Greek, Chinese – take your pick.

Muse: Mythology scratches my itch. The Chinese goddess Nuwa sealed slits in the sky by using stones of five different colours, keeping heaven from colliding with earth and creating chaos. A very cool alternative to the rainbow bridge concept.

Tannille: Yay, so we write a story about the first DIY goddess?

Muse: In 100 words? Piss off. Have you been drinking?

Tannille: No, but maybe I should…


    1. This time I got the idea, however, once one has written a lot of 100 word stories and novel scenes one starts to understand how many words are needed. So I chickened out lol.

      Thanks T

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    1. Nuwa was news to me too. I Wikipedia rainbows. Thought now there’s an idea, then realised 100 wouldn’t scratch the surface.

      The muse scoffed at your co-operation suggestion 😀. I’m just grateful for the bones she throws.

      Thanks C


  1. My muse wasn’t having it this morning either. She’s been feeling neglected. I’ve been working on editing lately. So, I did other things while waiting for her to wake up. I ran with the first thing she threw at me.

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