Flash Fiction: Hats

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PHOTO PROMPT © Jan Wayne Fields for Rochelle’s Friday Fictioneers. Other stories featuring the prompt can be found here.


It’ll be stashed in the hat.

Bloody great, there are a dozen hats. The odds one in twelve. Brilliant odds for a throat-slashing. Why did these jobs have to be so difficult? Sure, the drinking cocktails around the pools of five-star hotels seem worth it at the time… Tick-tock.

Damn, what else did he say?

I’m as mad as a hatter.

Got that one right, crazy bastard. Bet the diamonds are in the top centre, only the mental would wear something so gauche.

We all wear many hats.

Yes! Like a woman possessed she gathered the caps, snatching one out of foreign hands. The gems in her possession, she hustles like a tourist through the market.


    1. Think of diamond smuggling like drug smuggling, if she doesn’t obtain the diamonds her higher-ups will kill her because she can’t pay.

      Thanks C


    1. I imagine things can turn nasty quickly. Might be fun to write one day. As of yet I’m not sure of her motive and can’t say if she is to be rooted for. 😀

      Thanks R!


  1. He cruised the wide Pacific,
    island hopping as he went
    then told me he regretted
    all the money that he’d spent.

    Most people will buy souvenirs
    -a bit of this and that
    while he was single-minded
    and just bought another hat.

    I thought his wife would be annoyed
    but she laughed at me instead.
    “I told him he was going bald
    and that thought went to his head.

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  2. Should’ve given the shop owner a couple of hundred quid and picked up all the hats without any trouble. But hey, where’s the excitement in that?

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