Flash Fiction: Defeat

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PHOTO PROMPT © CEAyr for Rochelle’s Friday Fictioneers. Other stories featuring the prompt can be found here.


The time ticks by. Keyboard waits to be tapped… Tannille and the muse battle for a story… Again…

MUSE: I got nothing.

TANNILLE: Me too. I keep wanting to add a bomb.

MUSE: Oh I do love a good explosion.

TANNILLE: Too morbid, life for the general population is depressing enough.

MUSE: A virtual reality?

TANNILLE: We’ve been there, done that.

MUSE: Hmm. Music drives crowd mad?

TANNILLE: Like blood coming out of ears?

MUSE: Nice, not morbid at all, that’ll uplift everyone. Moron.

TANNILLE: And a crowd going mad is so feel good. Dipstick.

MUSE: Oh well, at least our banter might cheer some.

Tannille and the muse give up. The photo prompt defeats them.


    1. I’m starting to find, now that I have been doing on flash fiction a week I risk recycling ideas or write ideas others have done previously. Also, I’m trying not to write depressing themes given the state of the world.

      On the other hand, banter with the muse amuses me lol.

      Thanks S


    1. I don’t think it’s the image. I wanted something feel good but I kept seeing the a bomb, then the virus. In the end the muse had fun and I smiled… 😀

      PS. I thought about dedicating this one to you…


  1. Tenille, your dialogue with the muse made me laugh, although I should’ve been more sensitive to your plight. Still, it was funny and now more than ever, we need a good laugh.
    Best wishes,

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  2. The music plays much softer now
    and the candles have burned down
    I know the sense of loneliness
    in the middle of this town.

    The chairs sit empty and somehow
    the day seems empty too
    it was to be a special night
    that I had planned for you.

    The empty glasses catch the light
    and wait to hear you laugh
    but the Champaign stands unopened
    like some silent cenotaph.

    The mirror calls across the room
    where it tries to catch my eyes
    but what I see is never me
    because that mirror lies.

    It shows me just what might have been
    and I see her watching me
    but the candles flicker to their end
    and this night will never be.

    So I clear away the table
    where this night was incomplete
    and the evening leaves me standing
    In the shadow of defeat.

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    1. Normally I have no issue going dark and deep but I am conscious of depressing readers/myself during troubling times. You’re right we don’t always get what we want, creativity is fickle.

      Thanks N!

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      1. I get that. I have a depressing book I’m trying to write and avoid at the same time since I’m trying to not be depressed. So, I’ve been editing other works, which is, in a way, more depressing.

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    1. Strange part is, it only ever happens when I am stumped with these prompts. Haha. Now I just say “hey muse” and start bantering away. I should try it with every day life… 😀

      Thanks P

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  3. It’s funny that you weren’t sure where to go with the prompt and you still went somewhere with it! Kudos to you! Also it made me smile to read it, sounds like my own head sometimes. 😀

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