Flash Fiction: Offerings

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PHOTO PROMPT © Todd Foltz for Rochelle’s Friday Fictioneers. Other stories featuring the prompt can be found here.

The sun’s rays shone down on eggs, lined up in a row. Offerings to the sun god. No one knew the origins of the ritual, it didn’t seem to matter. The power of Ra to be consumed. The promise of health and fertility.

Kids waited in uniformed lines, excited for the gift from the universe. Each to receive their own egg to make them strong and fight against any viruses, turning them in to superheroes.

For dinner, the young ones peeled their eggs and swallowed the yolks. By morning, little bodies began vomiting. The eggs may have fought against viruses, but they were no match for bacteria.


    1. The interesting thing is eggs can be cooked via the sun in extremely hot climates. I grew up in a town where 40c (100F) temperatures were the norm. Some people fried their eggs on cars and they cooked quite quickly (note: it was more of a party trick). Thongs (flip-flops) sometimes melted on the road. Pretty damn scorching.

      But for this story, the sun wasn’t hot enough.

      Thanks R!


    1. The swine sent your comment to spam! How rude! Machines!

      Yeah the muse is way more fun. She’s busy soaking in Egyptian mythology (novel brainstorming) and left to my own devices I go dark haha. In my defense, the kids live, just a bit of food poisoning. 😀

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