Flash Fiction: Tinder

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PHOTO PROMPT -Copyright-Rochelle Wisoff-Fields Rochelle’s Friday Fictioneers. Other stories featuring the prompt can be found here.

This story started to form a couple of days after I posted last week’s story (more infighting with the muse). Hephaestus wanted his story told after all. Lucky me, the tale fits in with this week’s prompt. Here we have it ladies and gents, the latest instalment of The Gods vs The 21st Century.


Hephaestus swiped through Tinder on his mobile phone. A dandy piece of technology. Lining up a date for every night of the week easy, sometimes he burnt through several. Many could give his cheating, whoring, ex-wife, Aphrodite, a run for her money. 

Scoring ceased being about looks; owning mines in the 21st century made him sparkle like diamonds. Sexier than Adonis. In simple terms, he made up for lost time, his disabilities invisible thanks to his plastic.

Dressed in designer clothes, Hephaestus strutted down the street, his gold cane clunking. Tonight’s date waited. She looked a lot like Aphrodite, but they usually did; blonde and curvy. Damn this one could be her twin. Time to play. 


Aphrodite waved from the table.


**Plastic is slang for credit cards


    1. Even for the Greek gods!
      Not sure what happens next but a lot of details came to me. I had to filter it down to one flash fiction. I should brain dump it on paper. He might make a return.

      Thanks A


  1. Busted! Sure, he had it tough back in the day, but it’s obvious he caught onto the worst part of the 21st century a little too easily… Perhaps he can reforge his relationship to Aphrodite, you know, hammer out some agreement or something.

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    1. The character came to me fully formed and I had to cut a lot out for flash fiction. He’s psychologically damaged due to his past and wants to get back at Aphrodite. I should hammer this story out. 😀

      Thanks T!

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    1. It’s a head spinner. Sometimes I question if worship back then differed from our understanding of worship today. God is meant to be perfect and higher. The gods seem more like an ancient soapy.

      Thanks L

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