Flash Fiction: Walls Can Talk

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PHOTO PROMPT © Ted Strutz Rochelle’s Friday Fictioneers. Other stories featuring the prompt can be found here.

The historical house survived, renovated as a tourist attraction. The game paid an absorbent amount to stay. Photographers, TV crews and YouTube stars attempted to capture paranormal activity. A lucrative hoax about to dry up as interest waned. 

Under the night curtain, a plan hatched and cameras rolled. In the shadows, via a secret passage – BANG, BANG! A gunman sprayed bullets. Guests bolted for the staircase. 


Blood seeped into the wood finishings claiming, the building.

Years Later…
A tour guide stood on the stairs, “This is where the massacre took place. Screams can be heard from within the walls, the sound of the owner being tortured by the souls demanding justice.”


  1. I had to look up the source for the phrase that came to mind–an old English prayer used by Alfred Noyes in his 1909 Anthology:
    From Ghoulies and Ghoosties, long-leggety Beasties, and Things that go Bump in the Night, Good Lord, deliver us!

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    1. I want to the historical Freemantle Prison for a special night tour last year. They took us into where criminals were executed. It didn’t sit right that people die and now the spot is used as entertainment. Such human misery. Yet, I must admit I found it fascinating.

      Thanks D

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