Flash Fiction: The Lamp Post

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PHOTO PROMPT © CEAyr Rochelle’s Friday Fictioneers. Other stories featuring the prompt can be found here.

Note: For this story “normies” are everyday normal people. The story may be related to an earlier story, Fairy Ring.

The lamp post stood bright and proud. A beacon of safety and wonder. Its light guided normies away from the shadows. The street designed for 24/7 darkness; a playground for predators as they toyed with their food. 

The champions of light, patrolled the boulevard undercover risking their own lives for the greater good.

Lucy’s spine tingled, responding to the evil that engulfed her. Too many to take out on her own. She clenched her wand. Only a matter of time before her glowing aura betrayed her. Why, oh why, did she come alone?

Now or never. She sprinted for the lamp. One final push, she leaped, missing shadow hands and teleported home to the land of light. 


    1. The lamp post reminded me of playing chasey as a kid. We use to use a pole as home base (the safe zone where the it person can’t touch you). Sometimes we imagined the “it” person as a ghost, vampire, murderer etc. Ah the good ole days. 😀

      Thank D!

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