Flash Fiction: Poseidon’s Hissy Fit

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 PHOTO PROMPT © Sandra Crook for Rochelle’s Friday Fictioneers. Other stories featuring the prompt can be found here.

Seaweed littered the ground, the stench polluting the sky. The siren held her nose as she turned to her friend, Dione. 

“What’s with all the seaweed?”

The water nymph shrugged and leaped over a pile of sea crap. 

“Poseidon threw another hissy fit. You know he suffers from PMS.”

“Bloody hell, what over now?” 

Parthenope stomped her foot. The impact creating slime. Damn man-child god, his spats stopped humans from coming to her shores. She itched to drown a mortal, she needed a new lover. 

Dione threw back her head laughing. 

“Same ole story, the barmaid refused to sleep with him.”


  1. So even the gods can spit the dummy now and then or semi-constantly. I guess, if even a literal Greek God can be rejected by a barmaid, I shouldn’t feel so bad about my lack of social life.

    I used to joke that I have the body of a Greek God… buried in my yard. Shhh… That’s a secret.

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      1. Yep, self-defense against a rapey god. That’s my legal strategy.

        What kind of airlines do you have in Australia that will allow you to board with a shovel? Are the roos allowed, too?


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