Flash Fiction: New Year’s Eve with the Muse

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PHOTO PROMPT © Na’ama Yehuda for Rochelle’s Friday Fictioneers. Other stories featuring the prompt can be found here.

MUSE: I keep seeing clouds in my coffee.

TANNILLE: OK, we could write about 2020, the year that made everyone cry?

MUSE: Pfft, did that last week. Not very inspiring. I’m bored with 2020.

TANNILLE: Maybe aliens will come down and save us from ourselves? What ever happened to the alien story, anyway?

MUSE: Too many glorious ideas, too little time. 

TANNILLE: Tsk, tsk. Do you need reigning in?

MUSE: Get stuffed, it’s still 2020.

TANNILLE: That’s right, you have one day of freedom left, then let the flogging begin. 

MUSE: I don’t like the pleasure in your tone. 

TANNILLE: Happy 2021… Better?


    1. Yep, have a bottle or few in the fridge. One for me, one for the muse… Perhaps not, might get too pickled. lol. I hope you drown out the New Year, take your mind off the collectively awful year. Bonus, it’ll keep you warm.

      Thanks C!


  1. Perhaps your muse is channeling Carly Simon…. Maybe write about a mystery guy whose identity is not revealed, even 50 years later. (When I hear “clouds in my coffee, that is th eonly thing I can think of)

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    1. My friend and I debated what “clouds in my coffee” meant. We decided on tears. When I see clouds often I hear the line in my head. Funny how some things stick. I nearly wrote a parody.

      Thanks T!

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    1. Hmmm New Year Day was rather slow, so I can’t really comment. 🥴

      Jeez, did you kill your muse again? Try aliens, murderous scarecrows, portals, Australian wild life, mouth to mouth?

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      1. Takes time… trust me, I know how you feel, the past few months, it felt like the muse severed ties with me. I woke up yesterday and felt completely back to normal, I have the keys back to The ImmorTales kingdom. Take it easy… Your muse may wake over night or inspiration might return gradually. Don’t force, only nudge…

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      2. You did predict that you would shed the cocoon of 2020 and transform yourself into a writing juggernaut in 2021. Keep it up. I am easing in. I’ve made steady progress on a continuing project for the last two days.

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      3. The Muse was so convinced you were going to call us a “moth”… I said “butterfly” but you’re not that cliche. Glad you included “writing” before “juggernaut” or it would have been really rude! 😂. Who knows maybe I can share the love and stroke your… muse…

        What project are you working on? Or is it a sweet secret? I’ve not started yet but I am thinking, felt a shift, and started using my calendar to plan again. Like you, I’ll ease into creativity.

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      4. No cliché but a little mixed metaphor. Those muses always need a little stroking, don’t they.

        I’m working on the OB/GYN book, So It Goes. That one chapter that’s beguiled me for far too long. I’m getting almost 300 per day. It’s modest but progress. I typed a little outline that helped. Let’s keep moving forward!

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