Flash Fiction: Clippy

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PHOTO PROMPT @ Jan Wayne Fields for Rochelle’s Friday Fictioneers. Other stories featuring the prompt can be found here.

TANNILLE: Hmm rocks, interesting choice for a stationery zone. 

MUSE: I don’t know, I think they might be useful to keep employees in line. Arrive late, take one to the head. 

TANNILLE: Rather counter productive, someone has to clean up the blood.

MUSE: But they’ll never do it again.

TANNILLE: A lawsuit waiting to happen. 

MUSE: Run with scissors. Make it look like an accident. 

TANNILLE: Damn, you really are itching for the red liquid.

MUSE: Well, all you can see is the paper clip helper from 90s MS Word.

TANNILLE: Helper my porky butt. That fudging paper clip stole my sanity… Hey Muse, why don’t you murder Clippy and his little dog too?

MUSE: Ah the nostalgia – bloody and retro. 

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  1. No clue why anyone at MS thought that thing was a good idea. I did some helpdesk type work back then, and I think Clippy said “It looks like you have your head stuck up your a$$ again. Would you like help?” more often than other parts of the anatomy and coke bottles, but I still had to laugh 😉

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    1. I read that psychologist told MS that people find it harder to get angry at faces and Clippy was designed to calm workers. Epic fail there haha. Wow, I didn’t know Clippy could be rude! Over the years I’ve seen spoofs. Fun.

      Thanks T!

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  2. I swear I thought I could drink Coke through my penis. It seemed more efficient. Just get it straight to the bladder then right back out. Soda is very bad for one’s teeth.

    I used to work in a bank. We got a new computer system. It came with a virtual teacher named Toggle The Dog. It was almost as annoying as that bloody (especially in your story) paper clip.

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    1. Damn… note to self: never touch a bottle belonging to Nobbinmaug. I joked about your boy germs but now I’m not so sure… 😀

      Want to put Toggle the Dog on my muse’s hit list. Sounds really bloody annoying.

      Thanks N!

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