Flash Fiction: Lamb

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PHOTO PROMPT © Dale Rogerson for Rochelle’s Friday Fictioneers. Other stories featuring the prompt can be found here.

The lamp shines in the park, like the sun on a summer’s day. 

The artificial rays, gold and bright, keep the shadows away. 

A child skips, humming a tune, home waiting ahead. 

The glow flickers, whispering all the nightmares she’s read.

Doe eyed, her vision strains into the dark.

As a snap echoes throughout the icy park. 

“Who’s there?” Her shaky words meet with silence.

A shadow looms, threatening blood and violence.

The lamb spirits towards the light, monster in toe.

She turns around, all that’s left, footsteps in the snow. 


  1. Oh, you take me back over 65 years to a few walks home from the park across the street! “Always come back the minute the street lights go on! Never go alone! Never go through that area where the men are drinking! Never talk to strangers. Have fun!”

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    1. And run! I remember being a child and getting spooked out for no reason. Parks can be lively or creepy. I bet you have some fantastic stories. Kids had more freedom in the past.

      Thanks L!

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    1. Actually I didn’t know what to write. Came up with the first two lines, wow that rhymes. Wrote the last line next… what rhymes with snow… Oh bingo. Took it from there and filled the middle.

      Maybe The Cotton Candy Monster rode Disco Pony and they were stalking her?

      Thanks N

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  2. I’m not sure if it helps me to like this story better or not, but I love a well-cooked lamb. Sinister because it’s a human child. But tasty if lamp chops, all fried up with some rosemary. So, it depends on your perspective? I haven’t had lamb/mutton in so long.

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    1. Lamb use to be what everyone ate in Australia, now only the affluent can afford lamb. Meat is kind of barbaric in general, I’m torn. It’s nature, cats and dogs will aways need to eat.

      Thanks A


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