Flash Fiction: Lights in the Review

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PHOTO PROMPT © Rochelle Wisoff-Fields for Rochelle’s Friday Fictioneers. Other stories featuring the prompt can be found here.

Tannille ponders over the writing prompt and nudges The Muse. “Hey Muse, have you come up with a story yet?”

“I would throw a magical mirror at you, but your side of our mind is preoccupied with creating a metaphor out of the image.”

“Hey, it’s fitting, driving away from Christmas and into a new year.”

“Here we go again. Why not throw the C-word out there.”

“It’s called Omicron now.”

“What? That sounds like a cheap telcos company. It’ll keep you on hold… and you’ll die from waiting?”

“I’ve missed our stupid chats, but let’s wrap this up.”

MERRY CHRISTMAS AND HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!Don’t sign up to Omicron, the service is nasty.


The writer’s intent is to poke fun at the “Omicron” name, not the fact that people globally are suffering tremendously from Covid — some of us cope with humour and laughing at the dark. No doubt, 2022 is going to be another bumpy ride. Be safe. Oh, if Omicron calls, don’t answer, pretend you’re not home. 


    1. Ooo an electric company. I’ll add that to the list; telco company, electronics, transformer, or electric. Maybe it should be voted on? Haha.

      I’m really, really lucky, Western Australia has been largely Covid free. Every now and then there has been a tiny outbreak in the community. We go into lockdown for a week and it’s gone. It feels like borrowed time. It would be nice if the virus became like the flu or eradicated.

      Thanks G!

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