Flash Fiction: The Hotel

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PHOTO PROMPT © Dale Rogerson for Rochelle’s Friday Fictioneers. Other stories featuring the prompt can be found here.

The Hotel is old, boutique… bohemian. Only the daring walk through her quirky halls. Legends tell of doors swinging on hinges, and rooms dropping to freezing within moments. Shadows stalk and disappear within a blink of an eye. Some say a panther lurks during the night and whispers float from under the beds. And whatever you do, never open the closet — the anti-Santa waits to feast on children —. 

“Don’t forget witches dad.”

“You don’t believe?”

“I’m twelve, not five.”

“Good, there’s a New Year’s Eve party being held in the lobby. You’ll have a room all to yourself. There’s no internet.”

“Wait, what?”

Welcome to The Nightmare Hotel. 


  1. That’ll put he kid to the test.
    Hope you’re not burning up over there. Heard it’s been hot over there. Our cousins were blacked out in torturous heat – that’s a horror story of a different kind.
    Wishing you a Happy New Year, even though I wouldn’t exactly call myself a believer on that front.
    Best wishes,

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    1. YAY, the heatwave broke today. Lucky for me, I live near the train track so the power rarely blacks out and when it does, its for 10minutes. But yes, a horror Christmas more many — all that spoiled food. I hope your cousins coped ok. It was the hottest Christmas on record.

      I think we’re in for a challenging NY. NSW is going down. Keep safe (I know you will). It’s good to escape mentally and be hopeful, even if only for a night.

      Thanks R


    1. The horror. I went on a cruise ship once. Mentally I was climbing the walls without the internet. And that was before Netflix and streaming music. It’s a problem — says the blogger to another blogger… 😀

      Thanks D!

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  2. No inet! Now, that IS torture in the worst degree. heheh! Happy New Year! I stayed in a ‘haunted’ hotel once. My friend in the next room was so terrified that they ended up in the car. Me, I slept like a babe. I do believe in ghosts and demons as well as angelic beings. I’m pretty sure that the angel at the foot of my bed with the huge broad sword protected me that night. That’s not fiction… totally true. Really and honestly. My friend was so terrified that they wouldn’t even come back inside for the free breakfast. Before bed, I had prayed for a hedge of protection… God ALWAYS answers prayers. Happy New Year!

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    1. I’ve always wondered about haunted places. My take on spirits has always been they are just dead people and I find most people are decent. Hollywood likes to create horror stories. People can also freak themselves out. Did your friend see anything?

      Happy New Year, B!


      1. Yes, he did see spirits… from his description, I’d say that they were not happy ones. Mom taught me that spiriss/ghosts/demons are very real. She was a pagan priestess when she was a young girl. She taught me how to discern their presence. My minister taught me how to pray protection. When my Mom found God up close and personal… our home was very dangerous to be in. Eventually, the evil left,but not without a fight. In the end, God won, and peace prevailed.

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  3. I think the girl should play up to the hotel’s haunted reputation until she wangles an invitation to the party in the lobby. I bet she can twist her dad round her little finger when she tries! Nice story, T; you made me smile.

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