Flash Fiction: Dylan

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PHOTO PROMPT © Bradley Harris for Rochelle’s Friday Fictioneers. Other stories featuring the prompt can be found here.

The waves came rolling in, a reflection of her mood. The beating heart of the ocean throbbed in time with hers. Was it all in her head? Interpretation of words muddled like seaweed in murky waters? The salt stained her lips as she pressed them tight. Some utterances better left unsaid. 

Her face burned, a tongue lashing from the wind. 

Nothing left but to ride the waves of emotion. Fantasy and reality blend. 

The clouds parted. Clarity shone down on her face. The sea god, Dylan ail Don, provided answers. The breath of tomorrow, another day. The heart beats on. 


Dylan ail Don is the Welsh god of the sea and darkness. Not to be confused with Bob Dylan who is a god in his own right according to some.


  1. This is beautiful, T.

    From Greek to Welsh, your knowledge of mythology knows no bounds. I knew Dylan was the Welsh word for ocean, I knew someone else who thought Bob Dylan was a demi deity, but not that there was an ocean deity named Dylan ail Don.

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    1. Thought you’d like it. 😀

      I think Dylan might be Irish mythology too, but not so mythological (at least that’s the case for his twin brother). I’m still getting my head around the Celtic stuff. I didn’t know dylan was the Welsh word for ocean.

      Thanks N

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  2. Lovely description of the location gives us a clear idea of her emotions. I liked the way the gleam of sun, symbolised as Dylan ail Don, clarified her thoughts and brought her a measure of calm. Like Neil, I admired “muddled like seaweed in murky waters”.

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  3. Great images – when we’re sinking emotionally it does seem that we’re being tossed about as if in an ocean, and it’s difficult to separate reality from our confused imaginings. When it’s over and peace is restored, so too is clarity. It can feel that we’ve been at the mercy of some force outside ourselves.

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