Flash Fiction: Snap. Snap.

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PHOTO PROMPT © Na’ama Yehuda for Rochelle’s Friday Fictioneers. Other stories featuring the prompt can be found here.

Our favourite naughty fairies return. More stories can be read under ‘The Fairy Express‘ tab.


The sun tucked herself into bed. One by one, the humans turned on their fake suns. 

Brown-Fairy stretched his arms and yawned. “Packages are waiting by their doors for morning delights. What are you doing?”

“People watching.”

“It’s dark.”

Silver-Fairy pointed to the naked windows. “I see fine.”

“So boring. Let’s come back when they open their presents.”

“Your idea of entertainment is to smear dog doo over everything.”

“It’s recycling!”

Silver ignored him and lifted her camera. Snap. Snap.

“Oh my Tinkerbell, what is he doing? Ugh, humans are gross!” 


Silver hit the upload button on her camera; a leader should always close their blinds. 


    1. I’m finding these fairies (and others) each have their own humour and naughty side; Brown likes potty humour, Silver is more ironic and subtitle. Fun to play with.

      Thanks P!


  1. Great description in the first two lines, T.

    Is that from where all those caught in the act pictures come? Good work, Silver. Not so much, Brown. There’s far too much dog doo in my life. Speaking of, I need to take the puppies out for their outside doodie training. It’s better outside.

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    1. I wanted another word for sun though. But nothing else worked…

      I have a good friend who moans and groans daily about the mountain of dog poo he has to clean up. Too much dog doo vicariously lives in my mind. 😀

      Thanks N!


  2. This conversation is so natural, I might just start believing in fairies! THanks for sharing! (BTW – there was glitch! Hopefully won’t be a duplicate comment!)


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