Flash Fiction: Wicked

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PHOTO PROMPT © Lisa Fox for Rochelle’s Friday Fictioneers. Other stories featuring the prompt can be found here.

Life hit in fall swing. Never enough hours in the day, or rather never enough energy to do every intention (like a weekly flash fiction). I completed another physio block (that’s always fun) and my real-life writers’ group switched to Zoom because wearing a mask is… yeah… we ALL know. Last month, I signed up for YouTuber Sarra Cannon’s ‘Publish and Thrive’ course. The good news is I’m learning a lot, and the bad… well I have to rework my novel/series with marketing in mind. The new direction is exciting and more true to the original conception. Still
need to wonder some more.

Anyway, The Muse decided to come out and play hijack this week’s story.


The mind is like a house; sometimes the rooms are empty and sometimes full — 

“Hey, I said go with the reverse Hansel and Gretel. Have H and G lure a helpless old lady. New genre: wicked cannibalistic kids. Elder abuse is never topical.”

“Seriously Muse, you want to start a movement? We only have 100 words!”

The muse ignores her host and continues, “Themes of mental illness and isolation. A tale for the 21st century.”

“Ah huh, and I suppose the moral of the story is don’t go door knocking during a pandemic? Keep the greys safe?”

“No, Dummy. Use contraception.”


Note: Details on the ‘Hansel and Gretel’ fairytale can be found here.


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