Flash Fiction: Eggs

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PHOTO PROMPT © David Stewart for Rochelle’s Friday Fictioneers. Other stories featuring the prompt can be found here.

“We can’t afford to keep him. He eats too much. Have you seen the price of eggs these days?”

“You’re the one who wanted to adopt a giant. Do our bit for the cause.” 

“He smells… dribbles… leaves hair all over the place.” 

“Then you have something in common. He’s the best protection we have.”

“He humps my leg…”

“He likes you.” 

“Steals my bed… my remote… my wife… I think you like spooning him better than me. Now, he has first dibs on my breakfast. What does he give me in return?”

“Go take Titan for a walk.”



    1. I’ve heard these stories too! Refused to bond with the animal and angry or indifferent with the adoption. Doesn’t take long, they become the dog’s (or cat’s) favourite human. The ones that claim to hate cats amuse me the most.

      Thanks G!

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  1. Loved it, Tanille. We have three dogs and you shoud see the tufts of dog hair waft through the house some days. I usually have one of our dogs, Zac, on my lap and under my keyboard as I write. We have two other dogs but he claimed my lap as a pup and the others aren’t really inclined to be lapdogs anyway.
    We finally got a bit of sun over the weekend. I am starting to wonder if every second person has covid atm. How are things over your way? Our son has just returned from the Young Endeavour. Had an incredible trip, but three developed covid and had to leave early. Such a pity.
    Hope you’re keeping well.
    Best wishes,


    1. I can only imagine the dog hair, R. Sounds like you’re a dog mumma. I have two cats and a rescued galah. Magic has decided to start sleeping on my laptop table as I work. Cute. One day she”ll push my laptop on the floor and that won’t be cute.

      The shadows have changed here, but not more 40 degree days — yay. It’s only just cooled down. I think COVID is the same here now. Except the masks slow the spread. I haven’t been out for weeks and weeks. Next week, I have to go out for appointments. Fun. 😀

      Keep safe!

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      1. You must be relieved for that heat to settle. I remember that from when I was over there. It’s a heat you never forget. Hope you steer clear of covid, although there’s no way of nothing how it’s going to affect you. So random.

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