Flash Fiction: Alien Problem

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The city stood still. A glitch in time. Cars froze on the road. Pedestrians, statues in mid-walking poses. The sound of water from the fountain echoed throughout the concrete jungle. Lights danced on the liquid mirror and reflected against the gigantic flower centrepiece. Its petals opened in slow motion. Two aliens looked around in awe.

“Nice landing.”

The second alien puked in response. Chunks splashed.

“Come, before the freeze wears off.”

The green alien washed his mouth and followed his mate. They teleported and stood in front of one of the statues.

“What are they doing?”

“It’s a primitive action called walking. Now collect the earthlings DNA and we’re out of here.”

“Are you sure this one is male?”

“One way to find out.”

PHOTO PROMPT © David Stewart Rochelle’s Friday Fictioneers. Other stories featuring the prompt can be found here.


  1. Really enjoyed this, Tannille, and good to have a bit of humour as lock down continues. My favourite line was: “It’s a primitive action called walking.”
    I tried to ignore the “chunks”.
    Best wishes & stay safe (even from aliens),

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    1. So much in the world to already sigh about, I think people need humour more than ever. I have a feeling the aliens are too lazy to walk, they might be more human than imagined.

      Thanks R (and I’m not sure any of us are safe from Aliens) 😀

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  2. Must’ve been quite a flight and landing – don’t they check for those who might have motion sickness? This was great fun, Tannille. Why they want Human DNA is beyond me – unless they want to make improvements…

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  3. I dearly hope the specimen statue didn’t have orange hair 😉
    I hope they send back some vastly improved versions.
    Wonderfully imaginative and well-told. (I am glad you ran out of words :D) )


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