Flash Fiction: Gremlins

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PHOTO PROMPT © Ted Strutz for Rochelle’s Friday Fictioneers. Other stories featuring the prompt can be found here.

Slumber parties are fun… for children. Parents on the other hand… Follow these rules to control the darlings. 

1. Don’t let the kids get wet. The swimming pool creates muddy foot prints all over the house. Lock that gate, unless you enjoy mopping duty.

2. Never expose the darlings to direct sunlight, it turns them into hypoactive hooligans. Send them home in the morning before the peak of the day.

3. Never ever feed the critters after midnight. Junk food creates an apeshit situation. No room will be a safe haven. You may need to bring in a hose, violating rule 1.

Good luck and remember it’s one night.


    1. What? They turned their nose up at The Never Ending Story? What’s wrong with them? – Just kidding. I’m bias, I grew up on the stuff. Some gen Z love it, some don’t. They are lucky to have choice.

      Thanks E


  1. Great story. I also have some Gremllins living at home. I got a bit of a shock a few months ago when my daughter and her friend snuck out from our place. My husband had commented on how good they were getting an early night and how quiet they were. What dills we were. They weren’t even there. I’m a serious night owl and I was still awake when they snuck back in and couldn’t get passed me and back into the bedroom. It all seems a bit funny now, but it was very difficult to know how to handle it at the time. It’s quite a different experience being snuck out on than being the sneaker outer.
    Hope you’ve had a great week. So much is going on in the world and it leaves me spinning and yet while all these things are going on all around the world, the every day keeps happening.
    Best wishes,

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    1. Ah the joys of parenting. It may be a funny story told in hindsight but at the time… It’s a dangerous world. Even as an adult I still let people know about my movements. I remember wagging school once and my mum was pissed, not about the wagging but about hanging out in a park and not knowing where I was. From then on I never hid not going to school (compromises were made). It’s hard not to be a hypocrite as a parent.

      I’m keeping off the media, I don’t think it’s helping people’s anxiety. I wake up and the sun still shines. Not everyone is so lucky.

      Thanks R!

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      1. I know what you mean about the sun still shining atm. I have had a day off the news today. Not intentionally, but I was baking for my parents’ birthday party tomorrow and missed the news. I went to the beach and sent a photo to my sister-ln-law who is in hospital to cheer her up and to remind her this will be there when she’s better.
        I am really starting to miss all my close incidental friends and connections after over two months in lock down. A good part of my week revolves around driving my daughter to and from the dance studio which is just down the road and I’ve known some of these Mums now for over 10 years and we chat away but very rarely get out for coffee and with restrictions and concerns about catching the virus, it’s not really possibly atm either. However, I have been feeling that loss today.. It’s been a bit like leaving my foot somewhere. Thie world we’re living in atm is definitely weird.

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      2. Life has been turned upside down. But I hope that it realigns people to remember what really matters.
        Ugh coffee, I miss coffee. Hopefully your daughter will resume dancing before you know it.

        PS I feel like we live in the Twilight Zone.


    1. Haha, I guess it’s a generational thing. Kids of the 1980s grew up on it and their often parents suffered. As an adult Gremlins reminds me of kids and pets – cute and diabolical 😀.

      Thanks C


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