Flash Fiction: Hot Air Balloon

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PHOTO PROMPT © Ronda Del Boccio for Rochelle’s Friday Fictioneers. Other stories featuring the prompt can be found here.

Note: This week the muse returned. The prompt drove a lot of pop-culture in my mind and I couldn’t see past them… Lack of sleep doesn’t help…  


MUSE: Blanking again?

TANNILLE: No not entirely. Hot air balloons remind me of racing around the world.

MUSE: The Chipmunk Adventure on repeat during your informative years will do that. Not very realistic. Weather conditions and planes would create mangled bodies…

TANNILLE: A bit morbid. Only feel good stories please. The world is already a shit fight.

MUSE: Hmm…

TANNILLE: Thought two – The Wizard of Oz. 

MUSE: Yes please, and never return to this insane reality.

TANNILLE: Thought three – The Bold and the Beautiful?

MUSE: I recall scenes with hot air balloons. You think Brooke is a part of the mile high club?

TANNILLE: That doesn’t warrant an answer…


See below for the pop culture mentioned

The Chipmunk Adventure: Very popular kiddie film in the late 80s to early 90s due to annoyingly catchy songs and catering to boys and girls rather than focusing on one sex.

The Wizard of Oz probably doesn’t need an introduction…

The Bold and the Beautiful is a quality US soapy with outlandish but slow plot lines. In my defence it airs before the news… Brooke, somehow sleeps with every male on the show… Read more here.


      1. That’s the problem with pop culture references, they are dependant on demographics. But hey the Wiz is the best of the 3. 😀

        Thanks C


  1. Dear Tanille,

    Ah the Wizard of Oz. As a child I used to think how wonderful it would be if I could see it more than once a year. On down the yellow brick road, I had children and a VCR. I recorded the movie. My youngest son watched it every day for a long period of time. I got over it. 😉 Amusing story. I hope you and your muse will learn to get along.



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    1. I use to kick my heels three times, hoping to transport to OZ. Never happened. So then I wondered about a hot air balloon (the wizard travelled to OZ that way). Ah being young. I think I watched a it over an over on VCR. My poor mum haha.

      It’s wonderful the movie transcends generations.

      Thanks Rochelle


    1. Damn, your muse could have just watched the news. 😀. No judgement, I’m been known to watch (or 1/2 watch mostly) anything. Work better with tv on.

      Thanks L


    1. Yep the muse is her own character. A blessing to write really, I’m trying hard not to write dark stories and I prefer to write dark stories, but I think uplifting or fun stories are better serving given the times. It’s a challenge. 😀

      Thanks A!


  2. I almost invited your muse over to my place 😉
    And hey, we all have our moments… I used to love General Hospital and Days of our Lives, plus maybe another or so 😉 Never got into Bold, though.


    1. The muse might have never left… bad guest 😀

      OMG Days. That was always my pick, un-f-ing-believable lol. Sometimes when I am stuck on plotting I ask myself what would Days do? It no longer airs in Australia (if it does it’s not free to air) but the 80s/90s era were the best – big hair, bonkers plots. We were usually about 5 years behind the US, so I got hooked on Bo & Hope young lol. To my knowledge we only got Days, Young & Restless, and the Bold air here (in regard to daytime soaps). Only the Bold is still on free air before the nightly news, hard not to catch snips.

      Thanks D

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      1. Haha!

        Yes! Bo and Hope! Bo was so dreamy. But then I fell in love with John Black… I turned it on the other day, FFS…everyone is STILL there! Well, not Bo. I dunno if he got killed off (for real 😏) or not.
        Another World was my other favourite, too. Then they had the spinoff Texas. I was bummed when that got cancelled. The HOURS I spent watching this shit ..

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      2. Ah sweet soaps. Something about them. Remember when John Black was Roman? Those face transplants… 😀

        Might be good I don’t have access to these shows. They are great to play in the background and dare I say it writing fodder.

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      3. Oh god, yes! How about when Marlena had that evil twin?

        Might be good… I do have access but just can’t sit through a whole episode now (well… I haven’t tried…)

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    1. The Bold isn’t really my thing, but it’s hard to miss snips sometimes and it’s easy to catch up on.
      Did you watch the chipmunks cartoon series? I use to watch that when it was on hoping to see the chipettes. Ah memory lane. 😀

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      1. I did. I remember watching Scooby Doo hoping Batman was going to be on. That was the best thing that could happen. I have never outgrown my love for cartoons. Now, it’s Family Guy, Rick & Morty, American Dad!, South Park, Bob’s Burgers…

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      2. Haha South Park is a guilty pleasure of mine. What can I say, Cartman is a rude & naughty boy…
        Family Guy and American Dad are entertaining. I haven’t seen the others. I like Robot Chicken.

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      3. Cartman is awesome as long as he’s fictional. You don’t want to meet him in real life.

        Now, you have new shows to look into. I haven’t watched Robot Chicken for a while, but that’s a good one. I used to watch a lot of [adult swim].

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