Flash Fiction: Stuck

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PHOTO PROMPT – © Jennifer Pendergast Rochelle’s Friday Fictioneers. Other stories featuring the prompt can be found here.

Note: I tried so hard to continue the Greek mythology theme this week but nothing came. So to keep Dale happy The Muse made a return!


TANNILLE: Damn-it… Nothing. Ok, Muse take it away.

MUSE: Weren’t you doing Greek Gods in the 21st century flash fiction series?

TANNILLE: Yes but, I can’t see beyond these trains being mining trains and that reminds me of the novel we’re supposed to be working on.

MUSE: Every great brain needs a break to simmer.

TANNILLE: I think you’re lazy.

MUSE: Ptff whatever. I gave you a near finished out line. You fill in the gaps… Sloth…

TANNILLE: But what about this flash fiction? 

MUSE: Hephaestus.

TANNILLE: The god of mines? 

MUSE: Yeah.

TANNILLE: That’s not a story!

MUSE: Not my problem. Adios. 


Over the weekend Dale posted about being a Prompt Queen, creating discussion about the blogging community and being a participant. I would like commenters to beware that I always reciprocate. If you don’t receive a comment from me on your page it’s a tech issue; Blogger in particular is dodgy or I can’t find your page. Occasionally chalk it up to human error.


  1. Not one but two mentions of me! Woot!
    And yes, you are a fab participator (yes, I wrote that 😉)
    And yay Muse! She is a snarky one, isn’t she?
    Excellent slip in at the last minute of Hephaetus …

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    1. I sat and sat thinking about Hephaetus and nothing came, not when a story is a beginning, middle, end. So hello muse. I should have ended the story with;

      TANNILLE: Bitch.

      I had at the back of mind I would dedicate the next muse story to you, since you mention her every now and then. 😀.

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  2. Muse, a moody being who wakes me in the middle of the night with, “If you don’t get up and do this right this minute, it will be lost forever, or I shall give it to someone who appreciates me more.” I have always regretted waiting until morning.
    Loved the humor, sarcasm, and snarkiness of this. Writing about not being able to write is so ironic, right?

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    1. I work by the notion, if you forget the idea it wasn’t that good. The really burning ideas nag. I use to keep an idea notebook but realised at some point I never use these recorded ideas. Some writers swear by the idea notebook. Now some dreams I wish I wrote down but I rather sleep. Glad mine doesn’t wake me up, we’d have serious problems. I feel you’re pain.

      Thanks B!

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      1. When the notion.the idea.the emotion, all of it….owns me. That is when I must act or lose it. I would pay dearly for my lost thoughts. Yes, my notebook has my conscious thoughts. No pain.

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