Flash Fiction: The Saving Grace

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PHOTO PROMPT © Dale Rogerson for Rochelle’s Friday Fictioneers. Other stories featuring the prompt can be found here.

Eris (Discordia) is the Greek Goddess of strife. Other stories featuring Eris (and other gods) can be found here.
My gods, she’s been a busy bee of late!

Furious mobs clashed outside. Their venom roared like thunder on a tin roof. Toxicity charged the air. 

The muses, Thalia and Euterpe, stepped out from the shadows and onto the stage. Their skin shimmered against the light. Thalia sighed. 

“Eris is at it again.”

“She’s done a great number this time.”

“Well, she won’t silence me.”

“Eris needs muzzling.”

“Everyone needs to feel heard… Even Eris. Negative emotion needs an outlet, or it becomes a volatile force.”

Thalia stood behind a microphone and switched the device on. She sang her protest in the universal language of song. Euterpe turned up the amps. Inspiration hummed via sound waves. 

Freedom of expression, the saving grace. 


    1. Scary isn’t it. A lot of people fail to see freedom of speech isn’t a left or right issue, it’s about human rights. I think the US (and the rest of the West will follow) is at a tipping point. There is some hope. Might be messy though.

      Thanks L!

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    1. It seems to me that the rich and powerful have been driving the wedge for their own selfish gain. Most people want the same things regardless where they sit politically. Such a mess.

      Thanks D!

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      1. Agreed. Insighting violence and death threats are not freedom of speech and people should be held accountable. However, big tech are more lenient to some demographics than others. People have been booted for “unpopular” opinions.

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  1. I do stand for freedom of SPEECH, but what happened recently was NOT that. Saying what you need to say, yelling, screaming if needed is one thing. Wanton destruction and endangering lives is another and I will NOT condone that, EVER! Writing, music, art, etc are good outlets for emotions for sure. Sending letters, making phone calls, holding signs, and shouting… that’s practicing your privilege to do so… and don’t forsake that it IS a PRIVILEGE, not a right. In the majority of the world people would be summarily shot for what happened. No questions, no charges..just plain shot. We ought to be damn thankful that we live in a land where we can state our opinion without that fear. Damn thankful, indeed! Sorry to vent, but some things need to be said.

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    1. Everyone should have a voice or anger bottles up and violence rises. The power of tech giants concern me, their judgements hypocritical. Threats and inciting violence is not freedom of speech – those people should go to court and be dealt with.

      Thanks B.

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  2. I was in a country where a little child, below the age of 5-6, was summarily shot because they walked under a rope around a government building… once you see that, you are damn thankful for what we DO have here.

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