Flash Fiction: Cycles

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PHOTO PROMPT © Rochelle Wisoff-Fields for Rochelle’s Friday Fictioneers. Other stories featuring the prompt can be found here.

The ancient ruins stood strong and proud. The precision cutting of large bricks stumped historians. Evolution suggested the population only had bronze hand tools. Humans only became smarter, just ask Darwin. 21st century science voiced new opinions based on rigorous testing. The ancestors had access to advance technology. Carbon dating suggested a time before a great flood. 

“So, you’ll update history?”


Eons of years ago, humans gained knowledge and power. With the hit of a button, man-made comets smashed into the earth. Plates collided, ice melted… water claimed the land, drowning civilisation. Ground zero. Survivors entered a stone age. History runs in cycles.


History is a playground for The Muse. I’m able to contemplate theories, even the outrageous ones, all in the name of fiction — of course. In recent years, it appears science is debunking the ancient history narrative or at least seriously questions the mainstream outlook. Like with anything, politics rules.


  1. Interesting take, T. I knew you’d come with a good story to match ruins. If it runs as you’ve suggested here, we’re about due for some more comets. “Mess it up again. Start over.”

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    1. For some reason, I thought this would be up your alley. You thought I would going to revisit the gods didn’t you? 😀

      Cringe at the more comets. I live on the coast. You might be safe.

      Thanks N!

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      1. Not necessarily. Your god stories are usually about the gods in current times.

        Comets would cause more than cringing. I don’t think it would matter much where you are. There would be a lot of screaming and hiding and dying. Just ask the dinosaurs.

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  2. I can just imagine a Great Leader from another planet and civilisation becoming frustrated by the arrogance and disrespect he perceives from planet Earth. If only he could communicate clearly instead of being above reproach, but then he responds with destruction. A human’s two year old child tantrum, indeed.

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  3. ‘Man-made comets’! Wow. I’m going to have to do some googling about that. What a fascinating version of events. There are a few ‘buttons’ available to humans today that I’m very nervous about.

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    1. Man-made comets was my analogy for bombs. I have seen documentaries claiming a comet hitting the earth is wayyy more powerful than nukes. Scary thought.

      We should be nervous. Agh.

      Thanks M!

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      1. I did pick up on the comet/bomb idea. I knew that’s what you meant, but re-reading my comment I realise it seemed that I was taking it literally. No – your metaphor came through.

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  4. Dear Tanille,

    According to our guide in Israel, the buildings in basalt stone were ancient and everything else was “brand new.” Your piece leaves one questioning. 😉 Evocative piece.



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