Flash Fiction: Itty-Bitty

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PHOTO PROMPT © Na’ama Yehuda for Rochelle’s Friday Fictioneers. Other stories featuring the prompt can be found here.

Bob, the elf, stretched out his limbs and yawned as the bud of his lily opened and embraced the sun. Rebirth! Finally. Time to play in the garden. His lily would be safe for a while.

In the distance, an itty-bitty human watched him.

Rude to stare. Two can play this game.

Bob stuck his tongue out. His opponent flipped him.


Bob started pointing and laughing.  

The mortal-bull came charging towards the garden. With blood in their eyes, the monster-child stomped on the elf’s lily. 

“You little sh—”

Bob perished with his petals. Game over. His soul connected with a new lily seed. A replay waiting for next spring. 


According to German folklore (or at least this website), every lily flower is born with an elf. When the flower dies so does the elf.
At least the legend, real or not, saved me from writing about goddess Hera’s breast milk…

More elf/fairy shenanigans can be read here.


    1. I questioned if the folklore was a German one. I tried an internet search and found nothing. As fun as the idea is, there is a modern tone to it (in my opinion), like the fairy lore in Peter Pan. The Muse liked it. Poor Bob. Better luck next year!

      Thanks G!

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  1. Maybe if Bob had some help from Hera’s bo.., sorry, breast milk, things would have worked out a little different. Anyway, better luck next year, Bob! And don’t mess with human kids. They’re a mean lot.

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    1. I am honoured to be confused with Gabi. Love her stories (we both seem to love folk tales and the odd). 😀. I’m going to blame Hara’s breast milk. I’ve put a request in with The Muse for next week.

      Thanks P!

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      1. Oops! So sorry to make such a silly typo! You’re both good writers, but your styles are quite distinctive so I’ve no excuse. I’m glad to hear you’ve put in your request to the Muse for next week, but I know she often exerts her independence!

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  2. This was fun. I hope we can revisit with Bob and his ilk…with or without the tiny human. Although, I have to say that lily flowers have a pretty short lifespan anyway, you’d think Bob and company would try to move to better digs.

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  3. Oy, vey, poor little elf. Then again, maybe next spring he’ll learn that tiny humans can mean a very short spring … Sorry that it took me so long to get to reading, but I’m glad I did now!!

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