Flash Fiction: Santa’s Tears

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Recently, I discovered the wonderful world of NFTs. In short, for those who don’t know (I didn’t), NFTs are collectable electronic images and are predicted to be the next big thing. I was approached by Xmas Elves NFTs to write an origin story for their Christmas Elf line.


Santa whistled a tune as he reined his sled through the sky. The Northern Lights danced, the pretty colours caressed the land. The reindeers passed wind in beat with his song.

Santa’s belly contracted with laughter. His sides ached, tears ran down his face and splashed into the snow. Little clear coloured elves formed from the alchemy of joyful tears and the ice. As the elves grew, the northern lights shone down on the creatures. Each elf absorbed the colours reflecting through their bodies; some absorbed the colours from the land, the others the sky, and a few even took on the red from Santa’s coat. Each elf developed a unique skin, eye, and hair combination.  

The jolly man rubbed his long white beard. What am I going to do with all the little darlings? He rounded the elves up and took them home. They grabbed his tools and began making toys and gifts with gusto. How delightful they inherited his skills. A factory was born. Christmas transformed. 

Santa took his gifts global. Distribution hubs popped up all over the world, each one operated by elves, while Santa managed The North Pole headquarters. December Christmas celebrations expanded to Christmas in July. But, every day needs a Christmas Elf.


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