Flash Fiction: Love Shack (a parody)

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PHOTO PROMPT © Brenda Cox for Rochelle’s Friday Fictioneers. Other stories featuring the prompt can be found here.

The little funky old shack was a family kept secret. A rite of passage. Each generation gave the pad their own stamp. Away from the old ones, freedom galore. Always the same replayed story. Youth will be youth. Nothing ever changed.

Huggin’ and a-kissin’
Dancin’ and a-lovin’
Wearin’ next to nothin’

“Why is there glitter on the mattress and the stain? Gross!”
“Don’t worry about it.”
How many babies were conceived? No, our parents never. Ew!
The sky lit up — bang, bang.
Tin roof, RUSTED!
Hello, tetanus…
Goodbye hair… clothes… comfort… sanity…
Get off me.
Closed-door at the love shack.


This little flash fiction gem is a B52’s “Love Shack’ parody.
Lines were borrowed… Now, I need to go cleanse this pop classic out of my head — shame I can’t charge rent.


  1. They could bring in a new matress every once in a while, since everybody knows the secret. I actually like that song and don’t mind it being now stuck in my head.


  2. Hi Tannille,
    Hope you’ve had a good week. Your story reminds me of the shacks on the Abrolhos. I never made it over there when I was living in WA, but must be some stories to tell!! My parents used to have a beach house back when I was at uni and let’s just say we’re all glad the walls couldn’t talk.
    Best wishes,

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    1. Back in the day, holiday shacks were a thing. These days it’s hard to afford to camp! A real shame.

      Sounds like you got up to mischief!

      Thanks R


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