Flash Fiction: The Social Media Princess

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PHOTO PROMPT © Lisa Fox for Rochelle’s Friday Fictioneers. Other stories featuring the prompt can be found here.

Once Upon a time, in the 21st century…

An Instagram ready princess, posed on her balcony. Her lips a flawless duck face. She sucked in her gut and nearly forgot to breathe. Picture perfect, she looked like all the others. Her numbers will soar. 


Her stomach jellied out. 

Day in, day out, she followed the routine. Her social media stats stagnated. Life wasn’t fair! Was she losing her finesse? Maybe Tinder would help her self-esteem? 

“If you want me, come on up!”

Her suitor grinned and climbed. 


The trellis couldn’t take his weight. He crashed to the ground. 

Luckily, she filmed his fall and became an instant TikTok star!


  1. I see social media popularity craving as an addiction right along with all of the others. There are some real horror stories out there as to how far people will go to get it. Good writing on a current topic.


  2. I like the fairy tale start to this. A modern day princess, but the Prince Charming rendezvous didn’t quite follow the traditional script. Great story, and a telling commentary on our current reality.


  3. Great social commentary. The five-minute-celebrities know it’s fake. The data grabbers want it to be fake. And it’s the perfect was to distract the masses, make them oblivious of what’s really going on.

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