Flash Fiction: Poof! Poof!

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PHOTO PROMPT © Sandra Crook for Rochelle’s Friday Fictioneers. Other stories featuring the prompt can be found here.

Writer Update:
I didn’t mean to take a blogging hiatus. I never do, life happens. Also, if I am honest, there is an element of withdrawing when the world becomes politically charged. It becomes harder and harder to bite my tongue, and negativity is not what I want to engage in.
Consider my absence a public service. 😀


It seemed a good idea at the time — leaving before dawn to hunt for fairies. 

“There,” said Peter, pointing.

The pair ran down the hill, following flickering light into the wild. The fairy slowed and lured the children into a ring of mushrooms. Poof! Mist swirled as brother and sister clung to each other. Confused and dazed, dawn broke. 

“Where are we?”

The world around them was foreign — the wild transformed. A metal monster yelped and swerved. Inside the monster’s belly, a consumed human yelled naughty words at them.

Across the road, the fairy waved. 

Poof! The fairy disappeared, leaving Em and Peter in the 21st century. 


  1. Can totally understand what you feel. Glad that you are back from the break.

    Wake up time. This is reality.
    Monsters in 21st century. Fairies are dangerous to follow if they lead you here…

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    1. I’m sure Peter and Em will have fun exploring. Maybe the fairy will take pity on them.

      It feels like the media and social media manipulates to make people negative and the messages are relentless. As you said “sucks so much of the energy”.


    1. Fairies aren’t the nicest of creatures. Disney gave them a good PR. 😀

      Blog breaks are great, energising. I admire your dedication. I wish I could focus better. Too many outside influences.

      Thanks D!

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      1. I can see that. Damn Disney!

        I don’t have dedication, darlin’… I go in fits and spurts, no rhyme nor reason and only when I feel it 😉

        My pleasure, T!

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  2. I understand the “life happens” issue, and I took an unexpected hiatus as well. I hope you are doing well. Poor Em and Peter. I wouldn’t be happy to be transported from Never Never Land to a place like this…and now-a-days. Haha. Nicely done!

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