Flash Fiction: Little Monsters

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PHOTO PROMPT © Bill Reynolds for Rochelle’s Friday Fictioneers. Other stories featuring the prompt can be found here.

Ben and Beth were on the run, fleeing from monsters. They found the perfect place to hide in the bush with no electricity. The couple brought along with them some old fashion fun; guitars, cross-word puzzles and books. The sound of silence was comforting. 

“Do you hear that?”


“Isn’t it grand?”

Ben nodded as he and Beth sat down on their fold-up chairs and sighed. Ben opened an esky and tossed a can to his wife. In unison, they cracked open their drinks. The cold beverages washed away their reality for five minutes. 

“Mum, when’s dinner?”

Their darling monsters found them. Peace over. 


I noticed after posting I have another story on this blog called “Little Monsters”. I think the stories might be related? Click here.

As a random side note — this blog just turned four! Many more posts to come.


  1. Congrats to you and the Muse on the blog birthday. 🙂
    A fun, relatable story. The day will come when the silence will remain. But that’s another story, altogether. 🙂 Well done, T.

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  2. Great story and reality, Tannille even when the little darlings aren’t that small. We also have three dogs so even when I have the house to myself, they’re here and I’m on ball throwing duty. I was probably go crazy after only 30 minutes completely on my own at home although I crave it, especially when they’re all interrupting me while I’m trying to write!
    Congratulations on your 4th Blogversary!
    Best wishes,

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      1. You’re welcome Tannille.
        That will ve me next year whenI start the rewrite of my trilogy. I know I can make it a better read, nearly 10 years since being published. And that life juggling…it’s like a trapeze eh 🙂

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