Flash Fiction: Drip Drip!

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PHOTO PROMPT © Lisa Fox for Rochelle’s Friday Fictioneers. Other stories featuring the prompt can be found here.

Mum pegged the stuffed animals on the clothesline and returned inside with her basket.

“I freaking hate wash day,” said Froggie, dripping water drops.

“Oh shut-up, at least we’re not in the dryer this time,” said Puss, hanging by the tail. 

“It’s ridiculous. The kid gets nits and we all suffer.”

“At least the bugs don’t stain. I still have a brown spot on my belly from —”

“We swore never to talk about that fatal day. Rest in peace Piggy.”

“Do you think the fairies will come to save us and take us to Fairy Land?”

“We can only hope, Puss.”


  1. Uh-oh! Your fairies are better at causing chaos than saving the day. I have a feeling if they save these stuffed animals, it will only lead to further shenanigans. I have a suspicion the Brown Fairy may have had something to do with Piggy’s absence. Cute and enjoyable story, T.

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  2. Please Tannille, continue to delight us with your delicious fiction. Only one life and spreading happiness is always worth it. Butterfly effect. can’t please everyone all the time. Wishing you a restful weekend and joy for the festive weeks to come.

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  3. Oh the indignities! Mind you, isn’t sunshine better than being tossed about in the dryer? I don’t want to really know what happened to Piggy. Some stories are best buried with the body…
    Fun one, T!

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